Welcome to Typodermic Fonts, the treasure trove of typefaces! Nestled in the heart of Nagoya, Japan, our foundry is the brainchild of the visionary Canadian designer, Raymond Larabie. Since 2001, we’ve been crafting an exquisite library of over 500 typefaces that resonate with designers around the globe. From the sleek corridors of futuristic styles to the nostalgic alleys of vintage designs, our collection is a kaleidoscope of creativity.

Whether you’re an advertiser painting stories, a graphic designer weaving visuals, or a developer coding dreams, our fonts are the magic wands that breathe life into your creations.

What makes us stand out? Our unwavering commitment to accessibility and innovation. We’ve embraced web fonts and mobile app licensing with open arms, ensuring a seamless experience for designers. Our treasure chest is not just for the elite; we believe in spreading the joy of fonts. That’s why we offer a plethora of typefaces for free and have wallet-friendly options for commercial use.

With roots in the maple-scented land of Canada and nurtured in the artistic soil of Japan, Typodermic Fonts is a blend of global perspectives. As we continue to grow, our compass is set on one true north: to keep enchanting the design community with innovative and captivating fonts.

Step into the world of Typodermic Fonts, where every font tells a story. Unleash your creativity and let your projects speak in the language of fonts.

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