A monochrome Photo of Raymond Larabie

Typodermic Fonts, a friendly and down-to-earth type foundry, was started in 2001 by Raymond Larabie, a super creative Canadian designer who loves exploring the world of typography. Working from his cozy studio in Nagoya, Japan, Ray has been putting together a fantastic collection of fonts that designers across the globe have come to appreciate.

With over 500 typefaces in their library, Typodermic Fonts offers a little something for everyone. Whether you’re into sleek futuristic styles, charming vintage designs, or anything in between, they’ve got your back. Their fonts are perfect for graphic design, advertising, web design, and even mobile app development, so you can really let your creativity run wild.

Ray has always been one step ahead in the digital type world. He was quick to jump on the web fonts and mobile app licensing bandwagon, which has made life a lot easier for designers everywhere. His forward-thinking approach has earned him quite the reputation in the type design community.

One of the cool things about Typodermic Fonts is their dedication to making awesome fonts available to everyone. They offer a bunch of their typefaces for free and have some really affordable options for commercial use, making them a go-to resource for both new and experienced designers.

As Typodermic Fonts keeps growing and evolving, their main goal is to keep providing the design community with more and more innovative and unique fonts that help bring your projects to life. With Ray’s Canadian roots and the foundry’s Japanese home, Typodermic Fonts truly embodies a global perspective in the world of type design.