Wheaton is a MICR E13B (magnetic ink character recognition) headline typeface
I’ve been experimenting with MICR E13B themes since I started making fonts but this time, the focus was to create a nerdy blog headliner. Since 96% of blogs are nerdy, it only makes sense. I looked to the original masterwork for inspiration: MICR E13B.

MICR E13B contains strictly numerals and control codes: no alphabet. When you see an alphabet done in MICR E13B style, it’s an interpretation based on these numerals. I avoided referencing those even though they’re SEARED INTO MY BRAIN. The end result is a font with just enough MICR E13B flavor for the nerdiness to flow through but not so much that it impairs headline readability.

Why is MICR E13B nerdy? In the 1960’s and 1970’s, this style was a symbol of high tech modernity. In the 1980’s, magnetic ink was old tech and dot matrix was high-tech. MICR fonts were used to show an ironic, techno future. The Robotron 2084 video game is a good example that fits with the tongue-in-cheek dystopic sci-fi storyline (Data 70).

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