Rather than relying on pure geometry or typographic tradition for inspiration, Fluctuation draws upon the very objects it intends to harmonize with: consumer electronics. Cutting edge phones, cameras, remotes, game controllers and synthesizers provided fuel for Fluctuation’s development. It’s more than just a squarish sans: each design decision was informed by contemporary gadgets.

In years past, the square M N and W shapes were employed for stark, futuristic effect. These letterforms were at one time, considered a hindrance to readability. Today, generations of eyes have been acclimated to them from video games and low resolution displays; now they can blend smoothly into a paragraph.

The wide topped, lancet arched A, allows for less distortion in the heavier weights; the typical thinning and lowering of the crossbar trick isn’t necessary, nor is the squaring and flattening of the point. The lancet arch correlates with the stroke of the R and requires less kerning that a triangular A.

Avoiding the flattened points was key to allowing a pointy Z, K and 7. All the sharp points have been slightly chamfered. The chamfers aren’t meant to be noticed, they’re meant to convey a little ruggedness. In consumer electronics, even sharp corners aren’t really razor sharp when you get in close.

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