Bodoni Z37 is a twenty-first century Didone typeface with a dynamic range of widths, weights and optical sizes. Stylistically, what really sets it apart from other typefaces in its category are flat sides and a geometric Deco style. Razor thin lines are captivating at large sizes but can be hard to deal with when you get really small. Rather than compromising, Bodoni Z37 was created with three optical sizes:

Large (Bodoni Z37 L) with high contrast, fine lines and tight spacing
Small (Bodoni Z37 S) with sturdy lines, more generous spacing
Medium (Bodoni Z37 M) which is right in-between

Bodoni Z37’s cute, curly italics have loose spacing for clarity and emphasis. Lining numerals are kerned and proportionally spaced. There are OpenType fractions, numeric ordinals and old-style (lowercase) numerals too. Almost all current Latin-based languages are supported as well as Greek and Cyrillic. Four weights, four widths, italics and 3 optical sizes add up to a whopping 96 fonts. There are lots of other Didones and Bodonis to choose from but investing in something contemporary and versatile like Bodoni Z37 will end up saving you lots of time and money.