Addlethorpe is a metal typeface in three layers.

Addlethorpe 1 is the foreground layer. If you’re using Addlethorpe on a light background, this may be all you need.

Addlethorpe 2 is a fill layer designed to color the raised letters.

Addlethorpe 3 is a rectangular background layer designed to fill in everything else.

In OpenType savvy applications you can choose lining or old-style numerals; letter pair ligatures help break up the monotony of obviously repeating letters. Addlethorpe is based on Winthorpe.

Addlethorpe 1 is very detailed. Be patient with your application: scaling Addlethorpe takes a lot of computing power.

Addlethorpe Web has simpler shapes and a more limited glyph set. It’s better suited to applications where quicker load times are needed such as web font embedding.

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