Typewriter Spool is a set of 122 fonts inspired by twentieth-century manual typewriters. The letterforms were modeled after the famous Underwood No. 5.

Typewriter Spool CLN is clean, precise, and regular. It comes in seven weights, three widths and underline. On a real typewriter, heavier text thickens lines in all directions but Typewriter Spool CLN keeps everything orderly and aligned. Typewriter Spool SFT has a smooth, blurred look, slightly misaligned for added realism. It comes in six weights, three widths and underline. Alphanumerics and some other characters have 3 variations which automatically shuffle for a convincing manual typewriter appearance. Turn off your application’s standard ligatures feature to disable this effect. Typewriter Spool XRX looks like typewritten text after multiple generations of faxing and photocopying. It comes in six weights, three widths, underline and features a variation shuffle effect. Typewriter Spool RUF has a worn ink ribbon texture and clunky misalignment. It comes in four weights, underline and features a variation shuffle effect.

All Typewriter Spool fonts include fractions, punctuation, and mathematical symbols. Smart quotes are included—turn off your application’s smart-quotes feature to add realism. Most current Latin-based languages are supported as well as Cyrillic, Greek and Vietnamese. With its wide range of weights, widths, special effects and language support, Typewriter Spool is the last typewriter typeface you’ll ever need to buy.

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