Font embedding means including font files inside an electronic document or application.

Font embedding on the web

If you use a graphic application to create a logo, heading or other graphics for a web site, that's not font embedding. On a web site, fonts are embedded in order to replace the default fonts for text or headlines. Embedded fonts require a different font format and a different type of license. When you add a font to your shopping cart, you can choose a web license. After purchasing, you'll receive web-ready fonts in various formats and some sample CSS code to help you get the fonts working on your site. Web Typography on Wikipedia

Product creation on the web

If your website allows users to create posters, t-shirts, lolcats, photo captions, stickers etc, a custom license is required.

Font embedding in documents

With the regular (desktop) license, you're allowed to embed fonts in PDF documents for viewing and printing, but not for editing. If someone at a remote location wants to edit a document which contains embedded fonts, they must purchase their own license. Internal corporate documents with embedded fonts may of course be edited on licensed workstations. With the regular (desktop) license, you're allowed to embed fonts in DOC, DOCX and various OpenDocument formats such as ODT.

Font embedding in eBooks

If you're using fonts to create a cover, illustrations or heading graphics, the regular (desktop) license is sufficient. If you want to embed the fonts into an eBook in order to replace the existing text or heading fonts, you can purchase an eBook embedding license. Use the Fontspring link on the font you'd like and you'll find an eBook license option.

Font embedding in apps

If you're making an application and you're using my fonts to create a title or some other graphic elements, the regular (desktop) license is sufficient. Sometimes you need to include or encode the actual font file data inside the application. This requires an app license. There are two types of application license.

Regular application license

In a typical application, fonts are used to display information. You can purchase an regular app license for any of my fonts. When you add fonts to your shopping cart, you'll see the app license option.

Custom application license

Some applications allow users to use the fonts to create something. Examples: t-shirt generator, meme (lolcat) generator, graphic design app, adding captions to photos. That requires a custom license.

Other types

If you'd like to embed fonts in editable documents, hardware or any other type of licensing not covered by the regular agreement you can purchase a different type of license. There are details on the custom page. You can even get a license for analog distribution systems such as letter stamps, letter stickers, alphabet blocks or embroidery fonts.