Custom Licenses

If you'd like to use Typodermic Fonts for a purpose not covered by the regular (desktop) license, app license, eBook license or web font license, you probably need a custom license. If you're not sure you need a custom license, read the embedding page. Getting a custom license is very simple. First of all, figure out which fonts you'd like to license. For custom licenses, all Typodermic Fonts are the same price. There's no need to restrict yourself to the free ones. Contact Fontspring, tell them which fonts you'd like, details about your situation and they'll get back to you with a price quote. Don't forget to mention the "style" of fonts you're interested: bold, regular, book-italic, ultralight?
A list of Typodermic fonts at Fontspring Request a price quote for a custom license

Custom Fonts

If you need changes made to the fonts such as more languages, alternate characters, small caps, monospaced numerals or math symbols, contact me and we can work something out.