Zekton Family rebuilt and expanded

Zekton has been updated. The free regular style was released in 1998. Gradually, over the last decade and a half, new styles and features have been added, but the overall family had become inconsistent. The proportional balance of the condensed styles were different than the proportions of the extended…in a bad way. In the previous update I’d done my best to fix it up but this time I decided it would be best to rebuild everything from the ground up. Although this is a fully redrawn typeface but I tried to do my best to keep the spacing and weights similar to the original version. There are some new weights available: Ultra-light, Book and Black for a total of 7 weights, 42 styles in total. The slant of the Condensed Italics has been decreased while the slant of the Extended Italics has been increased. Zekton now includes Cyrillic, more fractions and the latest monetary symbols.

There have been a few stylistic changes:

  • The x-height of the heavier weights has been raised
  • Lowercase g and y have been adjusted so the bottom doesn’t look “bunched up”
  • The gaps (ABDPRabdegpq) are consistent for all styles
  • In heavier weights, the ascenders are slightly higher than the capitals. This was done so I didn’t have to drop the crossbar on the f. Now the f lines up nicely with the a, t and z in all weights
  • Dots in the light weights match the stem width but are taller. The old dots were square but thicker than the stems which didn’t look so good in the lighter weights
  • The tilde accent has been changed to a flat bar to match the futuristic Zekton look
  • Steep angle acute and grave accents for easier reading
  • The @ symbol has been redesigned so it doesn’t look like an A in a square
  • Proper guillemots (angle quotes)

Zekton Regular is still free and you can get it here.