In 2017, my cousin and I designed a hard-shell waterproof passport case. He designed and engineered the case itself and I came up with hexagonal grip pattern, the logo and metal badge, packaging and manual. Originally, this passport case had a different name. I came up with the name, ensured that the trademark was available and designed everything based on that name. By the time we got around producing prototypes and initial packaging, I discovered that someone has since registered the trademark—lesson learned. I came up with a new and better name, Spectrashell. But this presented a problem. The original name was two short words of roughly equal length that fit snugly inside a small metal, hexagonal badge. Also, this name would be stamped into metal with a die. There was no room for subtlety; small print was out-of-the-question. The logo needed to be very compact and very clear. I wanted a style that harmonized with the rugged, polygonal look of the case, and most importantly, looked attractive when fitted very tightly inside a tiny, metal hexagon. In designing the letterforms, 120° or 60° angles were used whenever it was practical. We reprinted all the packaging, stamped out hundreds of metal badges with the new logo and it shipped. You can get them on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada. A few months later, I expanded the logo into a full typeface which includes support for almost all current Latin based languages, Cyrillic and Greek. It comes with a desktop license that’s free for commercial use: find out more.