Sexsmith Reconstructed

Sexsmith is an unusual clarendon typeface, released in 1999. It’s been one of the most popular Typodermic typefaces and had received some small improvements over the years. However, this year I decided to give it a proper makeover. The overall design is mostly unchanged so stylistically, you won’t notice much of a difference. One of the weak points of Sexsmith was the accents—they were too small and didn’t suit the alphabet design. In the updated version, there are tall accents on the lowercase and short ones on the capitals to preserve the vertical proportions of the original. There have been adjustments to the vertical metrics settings, but it shouldn’t affect the apparent size in Adobe applications.  An inconsistency between the width of the space character and the non-breaking space character has been repaired. The OpenType fractions feature now supports long numerators and denominators such as 13/64, 199/200 or even longer. Reversed left quotation marks are often referred to as painter’s quotes—while they can be cute, they can cause havoc in some languages. They’ve been replaced with proper quotes. You can still access the old, reversed quotes as Unicode 201B & 201F. Primes, also known as foot and inch marks have been added at Unicode 2032 and 2033. Most Latin languages are now supported as well as Greek and Cyrillic. Spacing has been adjusted. Kerning has been completely replaced. The desktop license for Sexsmith is still free—check it out.