Neuropol X 3.0

Neuropol X has been rebuilt and expanded. This is a complete rebuild so the spacing won’t match the previous version. The vertical metrics should be about the same as the previous version in most applications. The Neuropol X family seemed like it could do with more dynamic range so I’ve added Heavy and Semi-Bold styles. To create a more cohesive family, the x-height is now based on weight. The x-height is shorter in Light and taller in Heavy while Regular is approximately the same height as the previous version. One of the difficulties with creating the Heavy style is what to do about the lowercase f. The design of the lowercase f creates a really tight “sandwich” on top which tends to look like a blob when it gets too heavy. In the previous version, I dropped the crossbar a bit but that spoils the sleek alignment with the t and z and now I have Heavy to deal with. This time, I raised the lowercase ascenders for Heavy and blended them down gradually so they’re level with the capitals in Light. Italics are now properly offset to the left so they no longer feel too close to words on the right. The comma in the Light style has been lengthened to make it easier to see. The dots on the i and j are now aligned with the accents. Condensed is a little more condensed this time and Expanded is a little more expanded. I’ve added plenty more punctuation and mathematical symbols. There are Unicode fractional spaces, combining accents and OpenType fractions. The latest monetary symbols are included too. Languages have been expanded to support Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese and almost all Latin based languages currently in use. Find out more about Neuropol X here.

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