Please read the following description using your internal monologue with an echo effect. Metal Lord is a an angular metal font created in 1996. Metal Lord has been completely redrawn, spaced and kerned. It’s a bit heavier than it used to be and thanks to the discovery of additional reference material, it has a slightly different design. The original version of Metal Lord was loosely extrapolated from the letters in the Iron Maiden logo using the powers of imagination . . . and the powers of Satan. You hardcore Maiden fans may recognize some of the letters from their late 1980’s official calendars. I later discovered that same font was used in 1976 for the poster for David Bowie film, The Man who Fell to Earth as well as on a real estate paperback book cover from 1979. With these extra resources I was able to piece together a better representation of this typeface. I still haven’t been able to figure out who designed the original: if you find out please let me know. If you use Metal Lord in an OpenType savvy application, you’ll see magic stuff going on: letters occasionally flip, tuck and grow little flags to fit nicely together, but not so much as to be distracting. I’ve added lots of punctuation, symbols, fractions and numeric ordinals, to the delight of high school teachers everywhere, I’m sure. If anyone has information about the history of this design, please let me know. The furthest back I could find is an album called Greed Eyed God by Steel Mill 1975 (re-issue of 1971 album), Visionary by Gordon Giltrap in 1976, Nana Mouskouri Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1978 (Reader’s Digest version recorded in 1974), Iron Maiden 1980 and Mama’s Boys self-titled 1981. One possibility is that it was a custom design by Helmut Wenske (aka Chris Hyde) who drew similar lettering on the album cover Rock’n’Roll Testament by Karthago in 1974. Or perhaps Peder Bundgaard who drew similar lettering the the cover of Sea Son by Secret Oyster in 1974.

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