Meloche language expansion and free Book weight

Meloche 2.0 is a full rebuild of the Meloche family. Book, Light, Extra-Light and Extra-Bold styles have been added. The proportions of the lowercase letters have been altered to create a steady reading rhythm. The language coverage has been expanded. Meloche now supports Greek, Vietnamese, Cyrillic and almost all Latin based languages. There’s now an OpenType fraction feature which allows you to set any fraction you like. The latest monetary symbols have been added. The fleur-de-lis symbols are still included but now you can access them using OpenType shortcodes. In OpenType savvy applications, when you type [fleur1] [fleur2] [fleur3] etc. the symbols will appear. In the previous version of Meloche, the fleur-de-lis symbols were identical in every weight. Now they’ve been adjusted to match the weight of each style. Old-style numerals have improved vertical proportions. The x-height is lower in the lighter weights and higher in the heavier weights. The alternate, simple Q can still be accessed using the OpenType stylistic alternates feature. Find out more about Meloche and get the free book weight.