Greek, Russian & Vietnamese Coffee

Kenyan coffee started out in 1999 as a rather unrefined (to say the least) compact sans serif headliner. The original concept was a neo-grotesque with some mechanical style elements of early twentieth century industrial typefaces. A boxy, stovepipe design with a waistline that’s all over the place. I also wanted to create the feeling of 1960’s ultra-compact typefaces such as Impact or Compacta with their squarish, slim shapes and massive lowercase x-height. The initial release was free for commercial use and included Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic. Over the next couple of decades, I refined the characters, added extra weights and more language support. This latest update covers almost all current Latin and Cyrillic based languages as well as Greek. A full range of currency symbols have been included as well. There’s nothing particularly Kenyan about this typeface—I was drinking Kenyan coffee what I designed it. As always, the Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic styles come with a free commercial use desktop license. Find out more.