Expressway Greek & Cyrillic

Expressway has been updated to version 6.0. There have been changes to character widths and spacing so you may have to make adjustments to old documents that use Expressway. The lowercase letter widths have been adjusted to create a better rhythm for more comfortable reading in paragraphs. The design of the S “wraps around” a bit more to match the style of other letters. Everything has been redrawn, starting with a slightly heavier Extra-Bold. The intermediate weights are approximately the same. Italics are 2 degrees steeper for better emphasis and have a better offset so italicized words don’t feel too tight on the right. Parentheses and brackets are now taller so they look better around accented letters. Period and comma are larger for better visibility. Accents are heavier and more visible. The dieresis (double dot accent) matches the dot on the i and j…very important in some languages. Quotations marks all slant to the right. Previously the left quotes were slanted to the left. Left leaning quotes are sometimes called “painter’s quotes” as they’re traditionally used by sign painters. In English, painter’s quotes don’t cause problems but in some languages they can look confusing.

In the previous version of Expressway, I made the proportional numerals, monospaced and the proportionally spaced numerals accessible as an OpenType feature. A few people contacted me to tell me that they’d prefer to have it the other way around. The standard numerals are now set to proportional spacing and the monospaced numerals can be accessed in OpenType savvy applications using the tabular numerals feature. Monetary symbols, fractions and most mathematical symbols are also monospaced. Old-style (lowercase) numerals are included but have been redesigned and kerned. The OpenType fractions feature now allows you to create any fraction you like. The monospaced number 1 now has a serif to help it fill out the space. Language coverage has been expanded to include almost every currently used Latin, Greek and Cyrillic based language including Vietnamese. Find out more about Expressway and also check out Expressway Soft.