Elements of a Conthrax

Conthrax is a rectangular sans-serif typeface along the lines of Microgramma. It’s certainly not the first ultramodern square typeface I’ve designed but this time I used a different strategy. What would happen if I kept the design subtle and toned down the techno? What if I made the curves soft while keeping the sides flat, avoiding a retro superelliptical (old picture tube) look? There are times when you want a high-style sci-font and times when you don’t. Sometimes you need a typeface that conveys technology while not looking like a 1990’s rave poster… but also not looking like a 1970’s movie spaceship insignia. I fought my geeky sci-fi urges and created a typeface free of techno gimmickry. The differences in the curves are subtle. The idea is that it’s supposed to look modular with the same repeated shapes used over and over. But those curves are actually different. It’s a balance between too modular (hard to read) and not modular enough (robots hate that). Conthrax has a seven weight range and obliques. There are fractions, mathematical symbols, numeric ordinals and loads of strange monetary symbols. Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese and almost all Latin-based languages are supported. The desktop license for Semi-Bold is free. Find out more about Conthrax.

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