Electric: Custom Made

Electric is a typeface inspired by the “Custom Made” nameplate which was added to modified Gibson guitars in the early 1960’s. Y’see, if you had a Gibson electric guitar with a standard stoptail and you wanted to upgrade to one of those shiny Bigsby tailpieces with the vibrato, you could take it to your qualified Gibson guitar shop. When a standard Gibson stoptail is removed you’re left with two holes. One of the less elegant (yet awesome) methods of covering these holes was to slap on a “Custom Made” nameplate with glue, screws or whatever they felt like using. The nameplates were supplied by Gibson and featured unique zigzag lettering etched in black scratchplate material using a pantograph router. It’s wasn’t the most elegant way to cover the holes but some people thought it was splendid. Of course, today these original nameplates cost a fortune. If you’re interested in the history of the Gibson Custom Made nameplate, there’s a thread on the Les Paul Forum and I’m Fixing a Hole on THE GIBSON ES-335 blog. Find out more about the Electric typeface.

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