When DDT was released 11 years ago, it didn’t include heavy or extended styles. It was originally commissioned by a company who wanted only a couple of styles, then a few more styles and a few more. Another company commissioned the heavy and extended styles a few years later. DDT was never planned to include the weight and width range that it ended up with. Because of that, there were inconsistencies, especially with spacing and kerning. This year, I wanted to expand language support and deal with the kerning and spacing issues and the only practical way to do it was to pretty much rebuild everything. Because this new version is a consistent blend from heavy to light and wide to narrow, the bold weight has thicker horizontal lines which makes it look less stretched out. DDT used to have “painter’s quotes”…the left smart-quotes were a mirror image of the right ones. This is fine for English but can cause problems in many other languages so they’ve been replaced by conventional ⁶⁶ ⁹⁹ smart-quotes. In addition to Greek and Cyrillic, more monetary symbols have been added as well as support for even more Latin based languages. DDT’s weak italic slant has been updated with a more appropriate angle that increases as it gets wider. If you’re updating old documents, expect a lot of reflow as the spacing has changed quite a bit, especially in the normal width styles. Find out more about DDT.